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About Neelam Stone

Neelam Stone is the Gemstone which can bring the magical hand of fate on your head. Those desirous of rising high in life and touching peak positions should wear this Gemstone. Wearing a Neelam Stone helps the cosmic rays of the mystical planet Shani ( Saturn ) enter your body and bring changes in your AURA that pulls success towards you. But it should not be confused with a magic wand. The wearer of this Gemstone gets direction from the all mighty to move in the right direction, work hard and get the desired position in life. We must understand that every one wants to be successful and everyone works for it but the direction comes from our mind and the mind gets its commands from the all mighty. Remember you need his ASHIRWAD to rise in life and stay there - every one has ambitions but only a fortunate few are able to achieve those ambitions.

Seen on the hands of people who are extraordinarily successful. I have seen it in the hands of industrialists, business men and people in media. Famous actor Amitabh Bachchan wears two Neelam Stone ( Blue Sapphire) one each in the middle finger of each hand. This is the Gemstone of LUCK/ FATE / Kismat - what ever you may call it - but if this phenomenon is in your favor you do not need anything else to be successful.

Neelam Stone birth place : Mined mainly in Australia, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Cambodia, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Thailand. If You are looking best neelam stone then Sri-Lankan neelam is good Choice for you. Australian Neelam always found in dark blue color.

Metal for Neelam Stone: The ring should be worn on the middle of the right hand on a Saturday in the form of pendant or ring and metal should be gold or silver good for neelam stone.

Caution about Neelam Stone.

A cracked neelam stone attract accident so do not wear crack neelam stone.
It can cause poverty.
It may cause eye troubles.
It may cause family problems.
Please don’t wear cracked neelam stone It may danger for your life.

The Neelam stone should not be worn if Saturn is debilitated in the birth chart. Neelam stone can be worn during an eclipse.

To Test a Neelam Stone one can wear the gem wrapped in a blue cloth bound around one’s arm for a week.

In Hindu Astrology there is an old saying "Bhagyam Falati Sarvatram, Na Vidhya Na Balam Ch" which means if luck is in your favor, you get all the favorable results in life - Knowledge and strength do not have much meaning in the scheme of things in a persons life.

The magical healing powers of Neelam Stone is beyond compare. It is believed ... It is important to know how to test Neelam gemtsone.

Neelam Stone is the birth stone of Makar and Kumbh lagna. It is the Yogkarka for Vrish and Tula lagna.

Neelam Stone is classified on the basis of the mines it comes from. So we have Kashmiri Neelam, Ceylon Neelam, Bangkok Neelam and Burma Neelam.

I use Neelam Stone i.e., Blue Sapphire in many cases to give the support of fate to my clients. Those born in the lagna of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius can always wear this Gemstone. In case of Capricorn and Aquarius lagna this the Gemstone that can bring the support of Bhagya.

Neelam stone price in Delhi

Neelam Stone in Delhi(Janakpuri in Gem Selections) is between Rs. 1100 per ratti to Rs. 25,000 per ratti depending upon cut, color, eye clear quality with Govt Lab Certified (IGI). Neelam Stone price in Delhi is a little more competitive.

The dual colored stone may cause troubles from the enemy side. The whitish (milky) stone brings poverty.

It is suggested to have a strong consultation test before finally wearing it.

Neelam Stone relation with Shani Dev:

Shani is represented as having a dark complexion and is said to be the son of Surya, the sun god, and Chaya, the servant whom his wife Swarna surrogated. He is the brother of Yama, the god of death and is believed by many to be an avatar of Shiva.

Shani Dev is one of the Navagraha (nine planets) which are the nine primary celestial beings in Hindu astrology depicted by planet Saturn.

Neelam Stone helps the wearer in being more charismatic and intelligent and leads him to success;

Now the astrologer has suggested I wear neelam to change my luck and for prosperity.

I will provide these stones at a good price with lab tested report.

A Neelam Stone cannot be worn without testing. For testing a neelam you could tie it on your arm for as long as twenty four hours or just place it.

Neelam stone in combination of other stones helps to cure and fight bone cancer,

Neelam stone strengthens Saturn (Shani) and hence helps gain prosperity in business, wealth, sharpness of the mind and self-confidence.

Fastest acting gemstone and a source of eternal strength, blue sapphire brings great success in career and works as a shield against enemies,

Neelam Stone can bring the wearer wealth, fame, Saturn Gemstone Aquarius Capricorn Rashi a good name, health.

Neelam stone is the most potent gem and proves its governance over the native very soon.

Neelam Stone is ideally one of the best looking gemstone. It is also used for jewelry items like wedding rings, wedding jewelry and astrological purposes. Thus, before buying a Neelam Stone one must know how to identify natural Neelam Stone.

Understanding color of Neelam stone is a very tricky aspect. To understand the color, it can take forever to make the eyes trained. Thus you need something to compare it. Thus this video is the perfect example of how to understand Blue sapphire and its color, also comparing it with the Cornflower blue color of Sapphire.

There are stones like Blue sapphires that are the second hardest mineral that mother earth as given to us.

This beautiful, loupe clean piece of Royal Blue colored Blue Sapphire is perfect for an investment - yes investment and an engagement ring. Investors are always looking for short term and long-term gemstone investments, especially ladies who have the money and love Colored gemstones.

Neelam Stone ( Blue Sapphire ) is the gemstone of Saturn or Shani that is worn to remove the evil effects of Planet Saturn and Enhance the Good effects of Saturn.

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Srilankan Sapphire

Neelam Weight available 2.25 rati to 11.25 rati.

   SRILANKAN NEELAM                                                                  BANGKOK NEELAM
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A-Quality - Rs. 41000/Rt  
A-Quality - Rs. 5100/Rt  
B-Quality - Rs. 31000/Rt  
B-Quality - Rs. 4100/Rt  
C-Quality - Rs. 25000/Rt  
C-Quality - Rs. 3100/Rt  
D-Quality - Rs. 18000/Rt.  
D-Quality - Rs. 2100/Rt.  
E-Quality - Rs. 11000/Rt.  
E-Quality - Rs. 1100/Rt.
F-Quality - Rs. 8100/Rt.  
F-Quality - Rs. 4100/Rt.  
F-Quality - Rs. 2100/Rt.  
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